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The Different Styles of Wedding Dances

The beautiful thing about a wedding dance, is that it is both an expression of a couple's love for each other while also a representation of each person in the relationship.

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Your wedding dance is meant to be unique, and a representation of who you are as a couple, which means there is no pressure for it to be any type of way!

Whether you want to dance to fast and upbeat songs, or waltz around the room to a slow song, you totally can. Keep reading to find out the many different styles of wedding dances.

Fast Wedding Dances

Feel like dancing to something quick and upbeat, the salsa, east coast swing or merengue are all perfect options for you. Your dance teacher can also work with you to combine styles to ensure you and your partner both feel comfortable.

Faster dances are sexy, fun, entertaining and are great for extroverted couples who love to put on a show, if you are going to do a fast dance, be ready to practice… A LOT!

They require a little more footwork, and typically take a little while to get comfortable with, especially if you are not a dancer. Although, fast dances make for an entertaining wedding dance that your guests are sure to swoon over!

Slow Wedding Dances

If you are someone who dreams of a slow waltz around the room to Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley played by a live wedding band, such as Lily Road… slow is the way to go!

Slower dances are more romantic, intimate and classy. If this is the type of dance you want to do, it may be easier than a fast dance but it definitely is not a walk in the park and getting dance lessons comes highly recommended.

The slow waltz, foxtrot or the more sensual rumba are amazing options for those looking to take it easy on their big day.

Slow-to-Fast Wedding Dances

An up and coming trend is slower wedding dances that progress in pace as the song goes on, something that can make it a little more fun and more amusing for your wedding guests.

At the end of the day, it’s important to choose a style that suits who you and your partner are, as well as fits the type of song you want to dance too. Don’t worry about having that all figured out before your first dance class either, sometimes you need to try a couple things out before you find the perfect fit!

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