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They Are so Much More Than a Dance Lesson

What My Couples Have to Say...

My partner and I had been considering the prospect of dance lessons as soon as we were engaged, however it was one of those things that we considered 'non essential' and kept putting off. After much deliberation we decided to go for it and met Nicola. From the moment we met Nicola, she not only taught us a variety of skills but also gave us an avenue to relax and enjoy the wedding planning process through her lessons.


Nicola takes the time to understand her students and ensure that the final dance is as per their expectations. She was extremely adaptable with her teaching methods and I loved how Nicola was able to see that we weren't too concerned about the steps but wanted to use the dance to focus on each other & our connection. However she was still able to encourage us to focus on the dance itself and grow our dance skills through our lessons.


Looking back, the dance performance at the reception was a huge hit and we still get compliments on it. However, for us the most memorable moments were those hourly dance lessons we spent in the studio with Nicola, goofing around and laughing about the silly things as we danced.


Thanks for your patience and persistence Nicola, I cannot wait for lockdown to be offical over so we can pick up some more dance lessons. 

Siobhan Philip

Couple dancing together.

We had a wonderful experience learning our wedding dance with Nicola. Other dance instructors had dismissed our song choice because it "wasn't suitable for beginners", but Nicola with her experience and expertise made it work perfectly for our skill level.

Nicola is personable, passionate and highly skilled at what she does. We started lessons a few months before our wedding, so we could also learn how to dance together in other styles.

From there, Nicola choreographed and taught us our wedding routine in the style we wanted. Our guests were so impressed with our wedding dance and we really enjoyed performing it!

We would highly recommend Nicola's services to any couple looking to learn a personalised wedding dance or wanting to learn how to dance together.

Michelle Yang

Michelle and Jonathon dancing their first dance at their wedding.

Nicola, we want to give you our most heartfelt thanks for coming on this epic dance journey with us. Your professionalism and clear love for the art was incredibly inspiring and it was exactly what we needed to keep motivated and, more importantly, to keep having fun!
We were very anxious when we first started as neither of us had any experience with dance. And yet we had one goal: To wow our family and friends on our wedding night. When we met Nicola, we knew instantly that she was on board and that she was going to guide us to something truly special.
And it was.
Our dance was the absolute highlight of the evening. Whenever our wedding is brought up, people are talking about the dance. Not the ceremony, or the food, or the games, but the dance. Nicola had choreographed something for us that was equal parts mesmerising and spectacular. But it wasn’t just choreography and moves, Nicola knew that we were chasing perfection and she worked with us, down to the tiniest detail, to ensure that we were satisfied.
Nicola, you made us feel confident in what we were doing to the point where our weekly dance lessons became our escape from all the other wedding stresses. Thank you for your commitment and for making our night one to remember.
Recommended? 110% Yes!

Andrew Mu

Newlywed couple dancing at their wedding.

We came to Nicola 2 months out from the wedding with a lofty version of what I had in mind for our first dance.

After our initial consult, she worked her magic and was able to choreograph a beautiful first dance in the short time that we had together.

All of our guests loved it, so much so that it was hard to find anyone who had filmed it since everyone was just watching it in the moment.

She is such a passionate, talented and funny teacher and I can't recommend her enough! Every lesson we had was fun and structured and brought us closer to our goal. 

My only regret was not coming to her earlier so we could fit in more lessons!

Thanks Nicola for helping us bring our vision for our first dance to life!

Geoff Zhang

The Wedding Whisperer dance clients dancing at their wedding.

We can't thank you enough for being our dance instructor!
Nicola was amazing in her approach to teaching us our wedding dance routine. So much so that we have continued to dance well after the wedding has ended.

Nicola was professional, encouraging and extremely dedicated to making sure that our dance looked amazing but most of all comfortable. She went over and above our expectation and truly made our wedding dance feel special.

A year after, she has been fantastic in teaching us more dance styles that we have made it a new hobby that I share with my wife. We highly recommend Nicola to help create your special dance, or if you're not learning your wedding dance, teach you awesome dance moves.

Jonathan Setiabudy

The Wedding Whisperer couple dancing at their wedding.

I cannot thank Nicola enough for teaching my husband I the most beautiful wedding dance we could of asked for.

From the first lesson to the last, Nicola has been there to help perfect our dance, right down to every spin, twirl, dip and pointing of the toes. It was such a honour to have had a dance instructor like Nicola. She has made dancing, which I was thought was stressful to a effortless glide on the dance floor.

Trang Nguyen

Couple posing on the beach at their wedding.

We had a wonderful time learning the basics of dancing and then slowly developing our own wedding dance with the help of Nicola.

Each week we learnt something new and consolidated what we learnt previously to prepare something at the end which we felt comfortable with in terms of both presentation as well as our skill level after three months of learning.

Nicola was very patient and knowledgeable, and most of all fun and easy to get along with, which made the whole process a great experience. She comes highly recommended!

Trevor Zhang

Couple dancing together.

As someone who loves to dance, I was looking forward to our first dance as a married couple with high expectations! My fiancé Michael was not. He was hesitant about having lessons and made us wait until he could no longer deal with my pleading to sign up.

Nicola was assigned to be our instructor and that is where things took off. Nicola put Michael at ease during our lessons and helped encourage and support us both in learning the steps to impress our guests.

Nicola was able to break down the process and create an amazing routine for us which looked fantastic and complicated but was actually quite easy to manage.

Our wedding day came along and the nerves of dancing in front of all our guests were there, but we pulled it off without a single mistake and our guests were raving about how professional we looked and that we must of had a year of training to pull it off.

Nicola, thank you for making our first dance so special and creating a routine that matched our personalities so well. We couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.

Alyce Atkin

Couples first dance at their wedding.

In just a handful of lessons, Nicola put together a great dance made up of multiple styles. She eased us into the steps and made sure we were comfortable on our feet. Each individual lesson had an accompanying group lesson which put our new skills to use and made sure we practiced consistently. Thanks so much Nicola... our wedding dance wouldn't have been what it was without you!

Emma Castino

The couples first wedding dance.

My fiancé and I started lessons to learn the first dance at our wedding. I signed us up to a trial class shortly after getting engaged, as I love to dance but my fiancé was never much of a dancer. I wanted to feel graceful and for him to be comfortable so our first dance could be a memorial, magical moment.

When we met Nicola, for our trial class, she was bubbly, enthusiastic and loved to dance! Also, she was hilarious and had us smiling not only during the class but hours later. We couldn’t imagine having lessons with anyone else and signed up to start our dance journey!

Nicola introduced us to different styles of Ballroom and Latin dancing. After we got to know each style, we picked our first dance song and choose our favourite style to dance to it. Nicola used her creativity to put together beautiful choreography, showing us different options along the way. 

Between lessons, my fiancé and I would practice in the lounge room whenever we found spare time. I never expected to be brought closer together through dance lessons but these are now some of my favourite memories with my fiancé. I realised learning a new skill and needing to work together was not only great for our first dance, but for the start of our lives together. 

Once we learned our first dance, we gave Nicola the song we planned to walk into. She introduced us to Peabody and put together a few moves for us to use. We loved this style and danced into our reception with a Bang! We also used the moves we learnt on our dance floor all throughout the night 

Our first dance was better than I ever imagined. My fiancé (now husband) was smiling throughout the whole dance and I was on cloud 9! We missed a move but were able to improvise with what we knew and get back into the choreography to end the dance beautifully. It really was the memorial, magical first dance I’ve always dreamed of.

We cannot thank Nicola enough for her energy and efforts in teaching us to dance together. Also, for putting together choreography which suited us and the music we choose. 

Karina Brewin

As for how our experience was, we both thought it was great! Simon was a little hesitant at first since that was his very first time learning to dance at all, but I think with your excellent tutorage he eased up to dancing very quickly and went from zero to hero on the dance floor in those few weeks!

We both loved the way you taught the class - you were very personable, we felt like we got to know each other somewhat, so we weren’t just meeting up with a total stranger every week for classes.

You developed a dance routine for us catering to our skill levels and the song that we chose which was great and we very much appreciated that, and helped us work on the delivery of it too. You made the whole course very fun overall and all I can remember from those lessons is a very positive experience! And finally, we ended up smashing it out on the dance floor on our wedding day so that was a great plus! 

We would definitely recommend you to any soon-to-be-wedded couple. We absolutely loved you Nicola and wish you all the best in your dancing career and marriage! 

Samantha & Simon

Couple kissing during dancing at their wedding.

We weren’t sure what to expect when attending our first lesson. Nicola made the whole experience from the first lesson easy and relaxed.

One of us was definitely more open to attending dance lessons then the other but the ease that Nicola teaches with, her adaptability to our skills and personalities and the fun and effort that was put into each lesson quickly won us both over.

Nicola really listened to what we wanted and personalised our first dance accordingly. On the night of our wedding not everything went to plan but when it was time of the first dance we both felt confident in what we were doing and really connected in this special moment. This would not have been possible without the lessons and support we received from Nicola. We are so grateful to have had such an amazing experience they were got to share together and got taught not just dance steps but how to work together in new ways, trust in each other’s abilities and experience something new together.

Meghan Beard

The Wedding Whisperer couple posing at their wedding.

When my husband and I got engaged, having a choreographed dance wasn't on our agenda, but we looked into it and thought lets give it a go. We went to a few places and came across a dance studio where Nicola Disley was working. We thought it would be hard work and we'd never get the hang of it.

Nicola was calm, patient and showed us all these dance styles that we still use to this day. From the Foxtrot, Rumba, Tango to name a few.

We chose 'Never Tear Us Apart' by INXS and the dance that Nicola helped us create was more than we could ask for. We blew our wedding reception away with an applause and a lot of appreciation. All of which we owe to Nicola Disley.

We can't wait to go back to her and continue our dancing. So thank you so much Nicola, your efforts were outstanding and we owe it all to you!

Nicolette Parkinson

The Wedding Whisperer dance clients posing at their wedding.

Coming into the dance studio I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I thought I was going in to learn a simple routine for my wedding. Then Nicola introduced us into the wide variety that dance has to offer and how much fun it could be.

From what started as something for my (then) fianceé soon became an eagerness for my next lesson, to learn that new cool step, to really start enjoying myself. I would never have thought I'd be good enough to pull out the dance that my wife and I did but I'm happy to say we did and

I want to keep dancing because of how much enjoyment I get out of it, my time with Nicola and time with my wife.

Robert Farmilo

The Wedding Whisperer Clients.

Nicola was the most fun, patient and supportive dance instructor we could have hoped for. She choreographed and taught us our bridal dance, but most importantly she taught my husband and I to feel comfortable dancing together. 

She took the time to get to know us as a couple, our vision for the bridal dance and took everything into consideration (the size and layout of the dance floor, how easy it is to move in my dress) to make the perfect dance for us. 

My husband and I had never taken dance lessons before, but found the whole process fun and rewarding... Our wedding dance was beautiful and I remember being able to enjoy that special moment with my husband rather than stressing about the dance moves!

Kanchan Mool

Couple dancing at their wedding in Australia.

Coming into the dancing lessons as an ex dancer I expected to do really well and try and lead my husband Garry. However dancing with a partner is hard work!

Nicola was open and honest and broke down the steps to the level we needed to, and within 6 weeks we had an incredible dance to cherish forever. My husband Garry is not very coordinated and has never danced and wow he has some moves!

Nicola knew when she needed to jump in and show him what to do and how to speak on our level around how he can remember the moves.

Our guests still (8 months later) talk about how memorable our first dance was.

Thank you Nicola, you are a wonderful teacher. 

Emine Ackroyd-Mosbey

The Wedding Dance Whisperer Clients.

I was hoping to be able to do a great dance for our wedding and hopefully continue our lessons afterwards... During our dance on the night we didn't quite get some steps and timing right but were able to correct them without any issues and none of our guests had a clue.

And they were all very impressed as they weren't expecting us to do a choreographed dance. My experience with Nicola was amazing. She made it fun and easy. She was able to break down the steps to make them easier to learn.

Brooke Farmilo

Wedding Whisperer clients posing at their wedding.

Cheng and I want to send a big big thank you Nicola for planning and keeping us in check in preparation for our wedding dance.

Having both left feet, we came into the studio feeling quite anxious and didn't know if we will be able to complete a dance that is both elegant and memorable.

As we started our dance classes with you, all of our anxiety and worry fell away as you made it so fun and guided us every step of the way. As our weeks approaches we found that we were looking forward to each dance lesson as we know we were creating something magical that our family and friends would love!

Our wedding dance turned out to be the perfect piece that we have dreamt of, not because it is the most difficult in technicality but it was perfect in that you've created a dance piece that resembles Cheng and I.

What was even more magical is that we didn't make any mistakes on the night and was absolutely on each beat! We are forever grateful to have you guiding us through this remarkable milestone in our lives, it is something we will cherish a lifetime.

You are one of a kind and always place your couples as utmost importance. You'll be happy to know that Cheng and I still remember the steps and at times we still hear your distant "slow quick quick, slow quick quick" in our heads!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Nicola!

Annie Shu

Couple dancing at their wedding.

Six months before my wife and I got married, we decided that we wanted to learn how to ballroom dance so that we could impress the guests at our upcoming wedding. Neither of us had any real dancing experience, however we soon learnt the basics and were feeling confident about creating a magical first dance for our wedding day.

We had the pleasure of having Nicola as our private dance teacher and she did an amazing job. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to create that magical first dance for their wedding day. She not only choreographed a spectacular routine, she advanced our learning so quickly that we we’re able to go from being basic beginners doing a simple box step to being able to do a Viennese waltz on our wedding day. This was beyond our wildest dreams, our expectation was to simply learn how to ballroom dance with a basic lift and a few spins and it went far beyond that... Our lift incorporated a giant spin that blew our guests away and maintained the elegance and grace of a ballroom dance to create that magic moment we will never forget.

Learning how to dance with Nicola was a breeze, she made dancing so easy and so much fun! She broke down all the steps to their basic form and built from there. Yes it involved a lot of practice and hard work and it was totally worth it to have that special moment we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Tim Keary

Bride and groom first couple dance.
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